Jamaica Broilers sold on the power of digital solutions

According to Salmon, who listed Loop News’ parent company, Trend Media, as one of Jamaica Broilers’ digital solutions providers, the method worked better than what the company was using before.

He said with Jamaica Broilers having different products aligned with different demographics, which ranges from a customer who might purchase a truck full of animal feeds valued at millions of dollars, to a small farmer who grows just 100 chickens, digital solutions provide the company with data for targeted markets.

Salmon, who spoke on the topic, ‘Mobile Loyalty and Rewards’, used the example of being able to have informed data to know that women in the 18-34-years age group will buy chicken parts instead of a whole chicken. He said this information can be gleaned within two days, quicker than what would have happened when the company used polling.

Downplaying traditional methods of marketing, such as newspaper, radio and billboard advertising, Salmon said Jamaica Broilers started focussing on digital solutions after realising that 90 per cent of all texts are read within 30 seconds.

He said the company tried Internet marketing before the advent of smartphones, and this failed miserably. But with the proliferation of the hand-held device in the Jamaican market, Jamaica Broilers has now bought into digital solutions.

Salmon give an example of Jamaica Broilers doing coupons years before and being pleased with 20,000 entries, but with digital solutions, he said the company got 240,000 entries within the specified time.

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