Making Game Time Delicious

Good friends are better than… well, most things in life! They are the ones who see you at your best, and your worst, and right now, with rising temperatures, they are also the ones to make summer weekends more interesting. “Game time for us means anything from European football to FIFA football video games,” says Kingsley Morgan, speaking to Thursday Food of how he spends Saturdays with his pals. “No matter how rough the week has been, we make the time to get together.” And, according to Harvard Medical School, Morgan and his friends are doing a solid for their health, as researchers have concluded that people who are socially connected to family, friends and community are happier, healthier, and live longer than people who are less well connected.

“Our digital lives have led to a redefinition of the word ‘friend’. It’s a lot looser now; anyone who likes a post on social media is your, air quotes, ‘friend’. But the real ones know the real ones,” says Morgan. Adding good food to the mix is the best thing to do for enduring friendships and, with these fan-approved recipes from The Best Dressed Chicken, you’re all set to score.

Article published in the Jamaica Observer.

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