Team Best Dressed Chicken Cleans-up the Coast

Over the past 3 years, the Best Dressed Chicken (BDC) team has partnered with the Jamaica Environmental Trust (JET) to make an impact on Jamaica’s shorelines on International Costal Clean-up (ICC) Day. This year, at the JET’s flagship event held on September 21, 2019 and hosted at the Palisadoes Go-Kart track, Team BDC was among thousands of volunteers who played their part in cleaning up one of over 140 beaches across the island.

Beginning at 7:30 a.m., bright and early Saturday morning, the team got to work collecting trash and debris and documenting the types and quantities of waste collected. Additionally, in true Best Dressed Chicken fashion, tasty refreshments were available for numerous volunteers after a job well done.

ICC Day takes place on the third Saturday in September every year and is the largest one-day volunteer event in the world. For 33 years, individuals and groups have come together to make a difference in communities across the globe. The objective of this effort is to clean up the coastal areas and to collect data regarding the type of solid waste found along the coastline.

Michael Sutherland, IT Security Manager at the Jamaica Broilers Group, goes all out to ‘put an end to the rubbish’ at Palisadoes.

Some Team BDC volunteers take a celebratory ‘photo opp’ to commemorate a job well done.

Hi-Pro fitness trainer, Tamika Williams leads the way as she prepares to turn in a load of plastic bottles collected on the shoreline.

Ruth Tyson, BDC Credit Controller captures valuable data at the Palisadoes-based beach clean up.

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