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Rory McPherson is determined to do it all: ace his job as an IT manager; curate elevated party experience, and enjoy easy and delicious home-cooked meals during his downtime. “I grew up with my grandmother’s classic Jamaican Sunday dinner of The Best Dressed Chicken and Rice and Peas, so I know that home-cooked is another way to say ‘made with love’.”

Given McPherson’s jenga-style schedule, healthy, delicious food and efficient cooking time all have to meet in his kitchen. “The food I make at home must be easy in; easy out. I’m not spending two hours prepping and another hour cleaning up,” he says. “I also need a fit-balance: moderate carbs and good protein.” It’s no wonder then that his cooking style features modern flavours and techniques that embrace world cultures. Greek Salad made more robust with pan-seared chicken; Asian style lettuce wraps and lighter, leaner Italian meatball made with ground chicken, plus a decidedly non-Jamaican chicken soup (no pumpkin in sight) all show that McPherson is quite adept in the kitchen and for that he gets three cheers.

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