Holiday Entertaining With Best Dressed

It’s time! Celebrations, both planned and impromptu, will now be the focus of everyone’s attention. With thoughtful planning, opening your home can be even more joyful, from the start all the way through to when the last guest leaves.


For each adult guest, plan to serve one pound of food. Children will consume about half that amount. Six to 8 ounces of protein per person for the main course and 1 cup for each side dish, will allow for generous servings and even seconds. If you are hosting a buffet party, the more items you serve, the fewer the quantity you’ll need of each. For dessert, each guest will probably have 4 ounces. If serving hors d’oeuvres only, assume 4 to 6 pieces per hour for each guest.


Cocktails are based on four elements: strong, sweet, sour and bitter. With the right proportions, it’s possible to play mix-and-match to create a bar for everyone’s taste. Plan for 1 gallon of fruit punch, sorrel or pre-mixed cocktail per 10 guests and 1 bottle of wine per 8 guests. Two pounds of ice per guest will suffice.


Party pros know that platters are the way to both treat your guests and be present to enjoy their company. Create a platter of good cheese, crackers and Hamilton’s Smokehouse deli meats, including the new Smoked Chicken. This will provide good eats without too much fuss in the kitchen. Plus, clean up is a breeze.


While The Best Dressed Chicken Roaster and Hamilton’s Smokehouse Ham will claim pride of place at the Christmas table, there are many ways to use these holiday favourites. Prepare one of each and store in the refrigerator for dinner after a long day of holiday shopping, or as a quick save when unexpected guests drop by.


Thanks to a host of music apps it’s easy to plan your playlist in advance. For a large get-together, consider polling your guests to find out who would like to take charge of music duties. The props they’ll get from a good set will serve to boost their ego, and who knows, you’ll have a hand in discovering the next great DJ.


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