Families, retailers and restaurateurs across the Caribbean agree: The Best Dressed Chicken is naturally the tastiest chicken. We offer a range of premium chilled and frozen chicken products that meet the highest standards for quality and taste.

Frozen Chicken

Choose from our quality, certified chicken products. From individually frozen parts to our flagship A-Grade Whole bird, our quality is guaranteed with 0% added hormones, globally certified animal partnerships produced in an ISO certified 14001 and 9001 facility.

Chilled Chicken

Ready to cook blue seal of quality approved, assorted Chicken products, fresh for preparation.

Free Range Chicken

Our free range chickens enjoy constant access to the outdoors along with plenty of fresh vegetation, sunshine and room to move around. Hand fed on an all grain diet, they’re raised in accordance with the standards set by the Global Animal Partnership.

Breaded Chicken

Kid-approved, quality convenience chicken available in chicken tenders, wings and nuggets. All made with 100% Best Dressed Chicken.

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