Our chickens have never been more healthy

No Antibiotics Ever is more than a promise - it’s our commitment to you. Backed by over 60 years of care and innovation to give you the best in everything we do.


No Antibiotics Ever

We are committed to continual improvement, which means we're always pursuing innovations in safety and quality.

We have consistently produced the highest quality poultry using the best global standards. Now that we know that the overuse of antibiotics in food-producing animals can lead to antibiotic resistant diseases, we’ve chosen to raise our birds with No Antibiotics Ever so that you can enjoy healthier, cleaner, fresher, and more sustainable chicken

Our supply chain is fully committed to the antibiotic-free mandate.

Our chickens enjoy a well-balanced diet, as our feed is comprised of corn, soybean meal, vitamins and minerals, and we use new options to improve animal health and wellbeing like mineral oils that aid digestion.

Chicken Houses
Raised Without Antibiotics - Certified by NSF

Certified by the NSF

All our systems and processes undergo rigorous certification each year by the NSF, a non-profit organization that creates trusted global food safety and sanitation standards.

The World Health Organization has advised that the widespread use of antibiotics in livestock contributes to the emergence of antimicrobial-resistant bacteria with significant implications for human medicine and public health.

Best Dressed Chicken Package

Get the best chicken for your family in stores islandwide.

Starting from the farm and going all the way to your table, you can trust The Best Dressed Chicken for the best poultry that's always free of antibiotics.

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